Various Artists, Vol.3

Now available on Beatport Exclusive

Release Date 06.01.2019


After a while waiting for it, here comes the 3rd edition of Various Artists in the label, full of great and powerfull tracks from different artists and friends from Athenas, Thessaloniki, Madrid, Barcelona, Granada, Edimburg, Essen, and Mettman. This compilation travels between the best techno grooves, the most hypnotic melodies and atmospheres, no doubts, a feast for the ears.

Dactyl EP by Maurin

Release Date 28.11.2018


We’re back to work with a special release straight from Germany, Maurin a very talented young producer who shows us how techno can travel between melodies and arpeggiators, still being powerfull and tough. Very interesting launch as his first release in the electronic scene.

The fifth reference on the label is a three track EP that includes a remix from OIBAF & WALLEN (SPA), main artists of ONISM.

Various Artists, Vol.2

Release Date 04.06.2018


Here comes the second great Various Artist on ONISM. It has wonderfull tracks produced by artists from different countries like Germany, Ukrania or Spain. True Benni, CarolinaBlue & MisterSmallz, FonoFuchs and Max Nalimov made this possible and it also includes an Original work and two remixes by OIBAF & WALLEN. The VVAA goes from Deep House through Progressive or Melodic Techno and of course, the main genre of the label, Techno.

Catarsis EP by OIBAF & WALLEN

Release Date 23.04.2018


Catarsis means a lot to the new label owners, OIBAF & WALLEN.
It’s the first EP they release on ONISM as an artist duo formation and contains a wonderfull remix from The Yellowheads.
Both tracks are powerfull and they fit quite well in the underground club current scene.